Final Unit

Honors10 and English10 classes both received a packet on Thursday, May 8 2014, to assist in studying for the grammatical portion of the final exam. ALL of the questions on this study guide can be answered by looking back at notes from earlier in the semester/school year. There are also Writers Inc. books that can be used or checked out to help students complete the guide if they can’t find the answers in their notes. Students are allowed to complete this packet with a partner.
On Friday, May 9 I will go over the packet with examples and allow students to ask any questions.
You can download/print the packet here: Final Exam Study Guide
Here is the study guide key with added notes: Grammar Final Study Guide Key Print this out to help prepare for the final exam!

Monday, May 12 students will begin reading the last book of the school year: Night, by Elie Wiesel. Please print out the attached study guide if you have misplaced it. I will add any guides or handouts to the blog as we continue reading.

Study Guide Packet

Videos to watch: (when the video begins replaying something you’ve already watched, skip to 21 minutes) – You will be quizzed on this video.

Monday, 5/13/14: Watched Oprah and Ellie video – no h/w
Tuesday, 5/14/15: Finished video – study guide – h/w: read preface, foreward, and ch.1
Wednesday, 5/15/14: Read/work on SG – h/w: Movie Quiz Thursday, Part One quiz Thursday (ch. 1&2) – ALL students will take these quizzes, even if you were taking AP test on Wednesday
Thursday, 5/16/14: Discuss ch. 1&2 – Take quizzes – h/w: read ch. 3&4 – Study Guide
Friday, 5/17/14: Discussion – h/w: none

Part One: Chapters 1-2
edict n. official statement; law
expound v. to set forth in detail
firmament n. the sky, or heavens
hermetically adv. completely sealed; airtight
pestilential adj. filled with disease; contagious
pillage v. to rob with open violence
premonition n. anticipation of an event; usually negative
truncheon n. a police officer’s stick

Part II: Chapters 3-5
bestial adj. like a beast or animal
blandishments n. something used to coax
crucible n. container for cooking in high heat
emaciated adj. marked by abnormal thinness cause by starvation or disease
leprous adj. showing signs of leprosy, which is an infectious disease affecting body tissue
manacle v. to handcuff
queue n. waiting line
wizened adj. dry, shrunken, wrinkled

Part III: Chapters 6-9
contagion n. an influence that spreads rapidly
embarkation n. beginning of a journey
encumbrance n. burden
indeterminate adj. vague, not fixed in advance
rivet v. to hold attention tightly, as if physically attached
semblance n. outward appearance, but with a sense of falsity
vigilance n. state of extreme watchfulness

Monday, May 12 students will begin reading the last book of the school year: Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo. Print out any attached study guides//handouts if you have misplaced them. I will add any guides or handouts needed to the blog as we progress.

Study Guide- Prologue- Ch.5
SG – ch.6-10
SG – ch. 11-15
SG – ch. 16-20
SG – ch. 21-25
SG – ch. 26-Epilogue

Videos We’ve Watched in Class: – Mattie on Oprah – Jeni Stepanek on the Legacy of Mattie

Monday, 5/12/14: Mettie Stapenek discussion, no h/w – see above videos
Tuesday, 5/13/14: distributed HIFR books, journal 1 (see below), study guide – hw: Read through ch. 2 – Study Guide
Wednesday, 5/14/14: Read through ch. 5 – study guide – journal, hw: Quiz over Prologue through ch. 5 tomorrow
Thursday, 5/15/14: Quiz – discussion, h/w: read ch. 6,7,8
Friday, 5/16/14: discussion, h/w: none

Week of March 3

Honors English 10: see handout – Cycle Sheet 2014
Topic Choice 2014

Monday, 3 March: Discuss Social Issues Research Paper topic ideas. Find suggestions here:Possible Social Issues Research Topics
HW: Three topic ideas due Tuesday- rank 1st choice-3rd choice. For each topic choice, write three sentences explaining why that topic interests you.

Tuesday, 4 March: Topic Ideas Due – topic discussion
HW: Choose final topic – fill out topic choice sheet (see the honors section above for printable copy)

Wednesday, 5 March: Final topic idea due – discuss scholarly databases – research
HW: none

Thursday, 6 March: Research Day

Friday, 7 March: No School – Spring Break

Week of March 3, 2014

Honors English 10
Monday: We discussed the different types of dialogue in class. Find the notes here:Dialogue Notes
No homework

Tuesday: Read “The Thrill of the Grass” found on page 57 of your textbook. Do not take this textbook out of the classroom. The story is very short, so you should get it finished by the end of class on Tuesday.
When you are finished reading, your assignment is to come up with an “alternate ending”. You should write 1 ½ to 2 pages continuing the story where it left off. You can make ANYTHING happen that you want (be creative!), but you need to include both types of dialogue that we discussed in class on Monday. See the notes above if you are unsure how to format the dialogue.
This is due on Thursday at the beginning of class. I’ve attached the last page of the story here: Last Page Photocopy

Wednesday: Work on “The Thrill of the Grass” Alternate Endings – Print and hand in when finished – due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Thursday: Hand in “The Thrill of the Grass” Alternate Ending assignment.
The rest of the class time should be used to start researching a topic for your research paper. We will work extensively in class together with these papers when I get back next week, but until then you should start looking for some potential topics. I’ve attached a sheet with potential “Social Issues Topics”. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A FINAL DECISION by Monday, but you do need to pick three possible choices and rank them in order of interest, first to last. You must also write at least 3 sentences explaining why each topic interests you. If you have an idea for a topic that is not listed on the topic choice sheet, that’s fine too. We can discuss your idea further next week.
You must have your top 3 choices with sentences in class on Monday.
Possible Social Issues Research Topics

Friday: Department Day

English 10:

Tuesday-Thursday: Begin watching “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – fill out the “Similarities/Differences” Worksheet that I’ve attached here:Similarities and Differenes Wksht
The sub will pick this up from you on Thursday when the movie is over.
Follow along with the blue movie guide handout as well. You can also find a copy of that here:Movie Guide
You have no homework this week. Friday is Department Day.

English 10: Week of 2/18

Monday: snow day

Tuesday: Students write prayers to go in the prayer book that is read before class.

Wedensday: Department Day

Thursday: Read Act V – Hand out Julius Caesar final exam study guide
JC Final Study Guide
HW: finish Act V – finish Study Guide

Friday: Review for Julius Caesar final exam
HW: Julius Caesar exam

Monday: Julius Caesar Exam

Next Week: There will be a project and an essay to complete after the exam- information on that TBA.

February Calendars – UPDATED

I’ve attached a calendar for both Honors English10 and English10 classes for the month of February. I suggest printing the calendar out and keeping it in your binder. If you are sick or absent for any reason, check the calendar to see what you’ve missed. After you’ve checked the calendar, you may come to me with any questions.

I’ve attached study guides for Julius Caesar as well. Please print them off if you misplace them.

English10 Feb Calendar

Honors10 Feb Calendar

Act III Study Guide

Act II Study Guide

JC Act 4 SG

JC Act 5 SG

JC Final Study Guide

English10: Six Skills Writing Exercise

On Friday after speeches, English10 students read the article “Six Skills Students Should Master Before Graduation” by Tim Elmore. We read the article as a class and took notes. I’ve attached my own notes for the article here: Six Skills Students Should Master

For homework, students should answer the following questions (TYPED):
1. From the “Know Yourself” section: What are you major life themes? Answer the 10 theme questions- these should be in complete sentences.
2. From the “Develop Your Gift” section- answer the following questions: What are your strengths? Motivational gifts? Natural talents? Acquired skills? Answer these questions in complete sentences.
3. At the end of the article, it asks you to reflect on these skills as a whole. Answer the following questions in a minimum of two paragraphs (the first two questions can be combined into one paragraph, but make sure you are detailed with your response): Which of these six skills do you embody most naturally and where do you struggle? Is Assumption helping you develop these skills?

This assignment is due Tuesday at the beginning of the class period.

Week of 1/13/2014

Honors English 10: This week we started a new play in the textbook, The Bear. We finished this play on Tuesday in class. While reading, students filled out a “Reading Notebook” – see attached. Students were also responsible for defining the different Drama Terms – see attached. There will be a quiz Thursday over the drama terms.
On Thursday after the quiz, students will work on their Writing Exercise – see attached. The Writing Exercise is due, typed, at the end of class on Friday.

Writing Exercise in-class notes

Literary Terms

Reading Notebook

English 10: This week English 10 classes are delivering speeches in alphebetical order by last name.

Finals Information

Honors English 10:
We’ve been reading and discussing the book Hiroshima in class. This week we are splitting up chapter 5 and reading 2 characters each night (Monday h/w: Mrs. Nakamura and Dr. Sasaki; Tuesday: next two … )
Make sure you are filling in your character chart and can accurately name characteristics about each character. There will be a chapter 4 quiz, and a portion of a chapter 5 quiz on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Study your “Elon Loves Grammar” packet, and come in for help on Tuesday and Wednesday morning if you need it. I will be here at 7:15am.
Good Luck!

English 10:
Today you were given your essay topic for the final. You will write a 5 paragraph essay throughout the week answering this question: “What are 3 goals that you would like to achieve by the end of your sophomore year?” One goal needs to be educational, one faith-based, and the final goal can pertain to anything you want (sports, family, friends, school, etc.)
Students were given plenty of time to brainstorm about their different goals. They wrote down their 3 goals on loose leaf, and underneath each goal they jotted down the steps that would be needed to meet that goal, and why it was important to them to achieve that goal. Students also wrote a few sentences explaining in their own words why it is important to make goals/what the purpose of making goals is.

After brainstorming, we talked about how to write a good introduction paragraph. The thesis statement should be bolded and at the end of the paragraph. The intro should start out very broad, and narrow down to the thesis statement. I gave many examples of how to start the essay in class.

Tomorrow we will discuss body paragraphs; Wednesday we will discuss conclusions, and the essay will eb due at the end of the final time.

I stressed to students the importance of working on this essay throughout the week. Start typing it now, and make refinements throughout the week in class. That way when you come to class on Thursday/Friday, you can work on your grammatical portion of your final and use the remaining time to make any changes to your essay.
Do NOT wait until the allotted final time to write your essay (or even the majority of the essay)- you will not get it finished!

Study the “Elon Loves Grammar” packet, and come see me in the mornings at 7:15 on Tuesday and Wednesday if you need help.

Good luck!